Virtual Selling Webinar

Virtual Selling Webinar

How do your sales teams make a distinctive impression in their virtual sales conversations?

Something that was considered inferior a year ago to face to face meetings has become the standard today. In fact, communication experts point out that even after Covid, this type of conversation will account for more than 50% in sales. It saves time, travel costs, CO2 emissions and has also proven to be effective.

We see that many sales teams are embracing virtual selling. We hear from customers that doing this properly helps them standing out from their competitors. How do they do this? By being aware that virtual selling is more than facilitating Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Successful virtual sellers are able to make real contact with their conversation partners via their screen, and to adjust their behavior and techniques.

Now we can imagine that you would also like to develop your sales team in Virtual Selling. That is why we would like to offer you a free 18-minutes webinar with insights plus tips & tricks, presented by sales expert Heino Hovingh. You can watch this webinar whenever it suits you and of course share it with your team. Interested? Then click on the button below.

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By sharing our knowledge with you, we want to contribute to your sales success. We hope you find this interesting!

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Wilfred de Roos

Managing Partner