Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The new European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), comes into effect on May 25, 2018. This law enhances the privacy rights for all European citizens and details the responsibilities, associated with the processing of personal data. This document details the changes in our way of working and what it means for you, as a customer of Hovingh & Partners.

Hovingh & Partners Privacy policy

Hovingh & Partners handles your personal data very carefully, in the same way that we want our data to be treated. We do collect personal data from you, but we always ensure that your data is properly protected from external third parties. You also have the opportinity to unsubscribe from Hovingh & Partners. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Personal data for training sessions

If you are registered for a training session, workshop, seminar or event by your employer or you register yourself, we always request your personal data, in order to ensure that each session goes smoothly. Please see below an overview of the personal data that we register and the reasons why:

  • First and last name: to ensure that the right people are enrolled on the right trainingsessions, on the right date and in the right group.
  • E-mail address and phone number: to ensure that participant information, such as DISC-tests, pre-course assignments and any log-in details for our e-learning modules can be located.
  • Evaluationforms after each training session: to continuously monitor and improve the quality of our training sessions and trainers. Your input is therefore very important. We also use the evaluation forms to keep you up to date about your personal interests, when it comes to future training courses.
  • E-learning: to ensure that we and your manager know which modules you have completed to ensure that you are well prepared as possible and have completed the mandatory course material, before you start your classroom training. In this way we can ensure that all delegates have a similar level of knowledge for each course.
  • Participation history: in order to track which employees, from which companies have followed which training courses. We also keep track of which training sessions, workshops, seminars or events you have attended yourself, so that we do not invite you twice for the same event.
  • Invoicing data in our CRM system: to ensure that we bill your company, or for individual courses, yourself correctly and on time.

We also use your data for the following purposes:

Service office
We store your information and notes from interactions with you, to ensure that you do not have the hassle of providing this information each time you interact with the Service Office.
We use your e-mail address to keep you informed of, for example, new open training courses and interesting developments in the world of sales and negotiations. If you do not want to receive these e-mails anymore you can unsubscribe from every message.

If you wish to see your personal data,  change or remove it from our CRM-system, please, mail us at: Legislation sometimes makes it mandatory to store certain invoice details for Tax Authorities.

Third parties

Your personal data will only be shared with third parties, for activities that are strictly necessary for the execution of our business activities, such as ordering DISC-tests and invoicing data to our accountant. Legal agreements are in place, both internally - between employees and externally - with suppliers that guarantee your confidentiality.                                                                                                         

Retention period

We do not store your data for longer periods than you think is desirable. The retention period relates to the purpose, for which we have received or collected the data and any legal obligations.

Choices for personal data

We offer you the opportunity to see, change or delete your personal information. All you have to do is send an e-mail request for access, change, data transfer or deletion of your personal data to  

Securing personal data

To protect your personal data, we have taken the following measures:

  • Servers and devices from our employees are equipped with current and up to date security software.
  • We work with Google Drive for the storage of our documents and Salesforce for our administration. Both companies meet the required data security standards.
  • We only send your data via secure internet connections (TLS, formerly SSL). You can see this for yourself at the address bar 'https' and the padlock.
  • All our people who have access to personal data have been trained in the vsecure handling of your data and have signed a confidentiality document.

Last update: May 24, 2018